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Ethoxlyates & Propoxylates

Sunshield Chemicals Ltd, manufactures various types of Ethoxlyates & Propoxylates which are used as cleaning agents, emulsifying agents, wetting agents, detergents, and stabilizers etc., The process used is Alkoxylation , wherein ethylene oxide or propylene oxide in desired molar ratios reacts with an hydrophobes like alkylphenols, fatty amines, fatty alcohol, fatty acids, vegetable oils, etc. to make surfactants. We have a wide range of ethoxylates & propoxylates products based on various hydrophobes according to our customer’s applications / specifications.

End-Use and Application

Ethoxylates and Propoxylates are majorly used as dispersing agents in paper & pulp industry, emulsifiers in dye manufacture, means for dissolution and floatation, constituents of agro insecticides and herbicides, and in many other industrial applications. These products have applications as low-foaming nonionic surfactants and have excellent wetting and dispersing properties.

Key Uses:

Product Range:

Ethoxylates – Propoxylates

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